About Us

Twenty Six Boutique is a collaborative effort between myself, Melody (France) and my partner Will (England), who both get our inspiration through our travels and adventures.

Tired of losing or damaging our glasses and sunnies, we thought that it was about time to bring back a vintage classic – glasses cords & chains. This functional accessory, well known by our grandparent’s generation, had to make its come back eventually. But it also had to be brought up to date and modernised.

We aim to create a unique product intended to be worn every day while fulfilling its primary function (keeping your eyewear safe!). We use the most durable and natural materials, sourcing our beads and stones from local businesses around Indonesia where we travel frequently. Each chain is carefully handcrafted with love and combines different designs and colours for everyone’s taste. Find your style now and keep those glasses in check!

A bientôt!

Twenty Six Boutique