Lady Killer has everything to get you a terrific look! Combining light and dark crystals beads, this chain will perfectly match your classic or more trendy pair of frames.


We have a strong belief in quality craftsmanship, which means that we only use the best materials possible. We individually source our crystals, gemstones and other natural elements such as coconut wood or shells from around the world .

At TwentySix, all our creations use a premium long-lasting beading wire (19 strands for a perfect flexibility) from one of the leading brands Beadalon. We use premium metals such as sterling silver and stainless steel to ensure our chains are durable and can stand the tests of time.

The sterling silver clasps allow you to switch chains at your convenience without taking off the rubber connectors. A last important detail, we custom make our rubber connectors which we guarantee to be stronger than any other on the market !


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